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Microsoft 365 Copilot, Google Duet & AI in Entertainment Industry Exploration

Recently, Microsoft officially launched its 365 Copilot, an AI-powered Office add-on, marking a significant milestone in the AI landscape. According to Forrester Research, this new AI assistant is expected to be adopted by approximately 7 million U.S. knowledge workers by 2024. The add-on integrates with Word, Excel, and other Office productivity tools and costs users $30 per person per month. Investment bank Piper Sandler projects that 18 percent of eligible users will adopt Copilot by 2026, potentially generating over $10 billion in revenue for Microsoft. The AI assistant will be introduced to Microsoft's largest enterprise customers first, with plans for a phased rollout. Customers interested in using Copilot will need to commit to at least 300 users and initiate a conversation with Microsoft. Functionally, Copilot allows users to summarize documents, generate emails, convert notes into plans, and enhance Excel analysis, among other things. It can be used across various platforms such as Teams, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. In sports technology news, the National Hockey League (NHL) has embarked on an exciting AI innovation journey with its Live Social Contributor (LSC) Program. Using advanced AI technology in conjunction with the Greenfly platform, the NHL now enables each sports arena to capture rinkside and behind-the-scenes content for digital and social channels. Greenfly +AI Vision scrutinizes the contents of every LSC-captured video and photo, accurately identifying subjects such as players through team kit and jersey number recognition. This platform can even recognize athletes when their faces are obscured. On the other hand, Microsoft's new Windows 11 preview build, labeled KB5031455, introduced a new AI-powered assistant known as Windows Copilot. However, the assistant seems to be causing some unforeseen issues, especially for users with multi-display setups. The Copilot feature is causing desktop icons to shuffle unexpectedly. Microsoft recommends refraining from using the Copilot feature on devices with a multi-monitor setup until a resolution is released in a future update. In the realm of entertainment, a new TV series adaptation of Hugh Howey’s novel features a protagonist who shares his solitary existence with an AI companion. The plot includes mysterious arrivals, hidden agendas, and the profoundly complex interaction and mistrust between human characters and AI entities. This show is an absorbing new addition to sci-fi television, posing thought-provoking discussions about artificial intelligence’s role in our lives. In international diplomacy, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng are set to engage in two full days of "intensive diplomacy" in San Francisco. They will discuss stricter regulation of high-tech exports to China such as semiconductors, quantum technology, and artificial intelligence. The goal is to establish open lines of communication between the world's two biggest economies and to prevent any disagreements from escalating into larger conflicts. The outcomes could shape the landscape of global AI development. As we continue to witness these advancements in AI applications, it compels us to reconsider the central role AI plays in transforming our professional and recreational spaces. Links:


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