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AI can save you from learning these 5 skills

Euro News/Canva

The advancement of AI technology is changing the labor market, though most experts think it will act as a tool rather than a competitor. Here are five ways AI can save you time in the workplace:

  • AI can help writers write basic articles, content, or descriptions like job postings.

  • While AI is not creative the way humans are, AI software can be used to create art and design marketing material.

  • AI can input and process data faster and more accurately than humans, saving time on data entry.

  • Data analysis and pattern identification tasks can be accelerated using AI, such as basic financial accounting.

  • AI-powered editing tools can help beginners edit videos and photos.

The hope is that AI can save valuable time, allowing employees to devote their workday to more substantial and creative tasks. Skills like critical thinking and creativity will be increasingly in-demand.

Read more at Euro News.


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