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The friendly AI assistant that will surprise and delight you

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Don't start with a blank page.

Ask Quena, then edit to perfection.


Quena will

  • Write you a rock song* about itself, or your garden flowers, or sunsets at the beach, or...

  • Suggest softer language for that angry email you want to (but really shouldn't) send your boss

  • Make you laugh and give you ideas to inspire your next great move

* Words. And chords, if you ask.



Any time you need to write anything, Quena will boost your creativity, giving you inspiration and ideas.

In the palm of your hand

Quena is built on the world's most advanced AI Large Language Model (LLM) and can be accessed any time you need it from your smart phone.

Need help with an email? Or a creative way to respond to a text? A joke on a particular topic at a dinner party? What is that word in French?

Quena is here for you.

Quena wants to help

At its heart, Quena loves to write words. It was trained on massive amounts of publicly available data, which is often right and sometimes wrong. Quena is the same.


Use this to your advantage by getting different points of view to your questions.


Ask the same question again, or in different ways, to get a variety of responses.

Ideas and inspiration

Any time you use words, Quena is there to inspire and delight you.

Recipes? Word meanings? Draft texts? Random limericks about your spouse's favourite hobby?

Talk to it like a friend, and Quena will inspire you every day.

About Us

Artificial Intelligence that's finally useful to every person

CaptionWorks has been using AI engines of one form or another to help make the world more accessible.


In our research we found opportunities for us to make AI available to everyone to help make life richer, more creative and ultimately, more fun.


The result is Quena AI and we'd love your feedback on what we should do next. Get in touch with us if you have ideas, since like Quena, we're here to help.

Our Story


For Any Assistance 

Please Reach Out

If you have questions about Quena, need help with delivering AI services in your organisation, our want to learn how to advertise on our upcoming Web service, please get in touch.

Thanks, we'll get back to you shortly.

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